Wednesday, October 21, 2009

last week

Jeff Page's San Fransisco Treat

Jeff Page, Clayton, Richard Stell

Will Card

Clayton and Richard Stell

I'm not really sure what I am feeling right now. But here are a few snaps of my day.

Monday, October 19, 2009

come on saturday night. you really cant come fast enough.

im sick if sitting here doing nothing, broke as sin. im ready to get home and get my feet on the ground.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

early you

since you're the only one who reads this blog, this is more of a testament to you.

I have been going through pictures in my iphoto and iphone from the last few years. I have stories for all of these but one is the most important. One says love. love in a way i have never known. when we flash back to 2007 those first few weeks of getting to know one another and that instant love. I never forget those days, I only remember the best of times.

Monday, October 12, 2009

the night is alive

this is the night. warehouse, texts, calls. more details to come. I'm just too tired to pan all these thoughts out.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

sink your teeth into this.


what a day!

woke up today after a crazy dream. i can't recall the specifics, but it was pretty out there. Cory woke me up to ask if i wanted to go to pasadena to go to the rose bowl to see ucla against oregon. not much of a question if you ask me. it's free, fun, something different, and somewhere i have always wanted to go. met with one of cory's oldest friends and his wife. they provided the tickets, beer, food and the ride. awesome people. it's something about folks from indiana, or the midwest in general. we are just real people. the more im out here the more hoosiers i meet. i really dont care to hang out with anyone else. it's like bratpack part deux.
after the game we came back, talked to kimmi, delt with some old issues that really shouldn't be issues anymore. i'm glad that it was resolved. around 7 cory and i went to see drunk and shameless. a variety act of drunken sing-a-longs. sarah, brad, kenny, christine, tad, and others were in attendence. but that really hits the specifics.

i have been writing music and recording some. it's definetly something i should have been doing a lonnnnng time ago. but now i am just going to do it. if i have the down time, i need to be working on something for myself. i have to remain busy. i cant just sit around and think about how bad the situation can suck. i have to work for myself when i have nothing else going on. i need a pet and i will be working on a few ideas. all the scheming i ever did is going to turn to reality. i'm just going to do it. the resources are here for a lot of my ideas. so if you know of any 'dumb schemer ideas' (yes im asking you a question via blogger) then i want you to remember them for me. i smoke a lot of weed.

here are some pictures from the day. they aren't much. i really wish i had a nice digital camera.

new phone background. wowzers.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Truth in here

Thanks for the wisdom Kevin Smith. I learned about love vicariously through your movies all through high school.
can't come up with anything to write about. why am i so blocked up? is there a brain laxitive i could take? oh yeah, it's called alcohol and weed. i'm too poor to afford either.

let's just write a string of thoughts and see where it goes.

i've seen this movie 5 times now, it makes me feel better about certain things. i want to write a dracula rock opera.
i dont own any star wars movies, that needs to be fixed soon.
i miss my creature comforts.
i want to see kimmi.
i want to see my mom
i'm half tempted to get up and start cleaning.
cleaning is better done stoned.
i am so far removed.
i have escaped the real world.
fuuuuuuuuuck i'm lame
this is not exactly the way i thought it would turn out.
i think one of my teeth might fall out.
this is a great scene in this movie.

am i really this lame?
where did i go?
am i going to be ok?
when will this turn around?
when will i know when the time is right?

i want to be writing like i use to.
i want to grow my hair to my ass just to say i did it.
i want to get my song writing together.

it's too late for this. 3:33am


this was almost poetry. the poetry of a jumbled mind.