Sunday, May 31, 2009

Washington, DC

We got into DC yesterday. It's pretty amazing how little I remember about this place from when I came here in middle school. It seems like that was almost a meaningless trip. I think that a journey to DC is far more enjoyable as an adult than it was as a kid. I really have a bigger appreciation for what is going on in this city. It sorta blows my mind that the White House is so close to the Treasury and Congress is only a few blocks away and none of these people can get together to resolve a fucking thing.
Still, this city is beautiful.

We play 40 miles south of DC tonight in Fredricksburg. I'm not sure what kind of city it is, but we are in one of the most history rich parts of this country, so I'm trying to see some.

Today, I'm going to hold you out a bit and see if you freak out like I have for the last few days

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